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Best Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

How to treat plantar fasciitis?


All types of injuries have their own treatment methods, however all of these share some basic techniques on how they are healed and recovered from the damages. A fasciitis plantar is the weakening of the plantar tissue situated just beneath the heel which serves as a cushion against pressure and impact on the lower limb(s). Although it is not common among regular individuals, it is a common problem among athletes who are into sports that incorporate the strenuous use of the heels in the activity.

Plantar fasciitis has many different treatment methods involved for a patient to recover from the injury. Like all other injuries, there is no single cure or remedy to a health problem especially due to the fact that each person's condition differs from one another. Basically, the treatment would be based on the situation, condition, and health of the patient. In addition, every country has its own method of healing specific injuries. However, all of these share the almost the same principles and practices also the goal of treating the person in need of medical attention.Read More Information Here Best Work Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

In every treatment though, there is a single procedure being followed which is to give time for the injury to heal through resting and immobilization. Rest will give the injury (plantar tissue) enough time to heal and recover which will then allow the patient to begin with the stretching and strengthening programs that are usually utilized to help the rehabilitation process.


Taping is a process which is usually conducted by the doctor to help the patient's heel prevent further acquisition of damage. In addition, it helps support the affected area and helps cushion pressure which can initiate a painful experience. The patient can also do the taping himself if he or she is knowledgeable with the process. A plantar fasciitis splint can also be used to prevent discomfort while the patient takes his or her rest at night. It helps in keeping the affected foot in place as movement can cause severe pain which can have a great impact on our sleep.

2. Cold compress

Cold compress is used to help the patient control the pain and inflammation. However, in a plantar fasciitis, the plantar tissue does not get inflamed as they only degenerate and loses their function. The application of ice on the area can be a lot of help especially in reducing the pain until it fades away. Pain relievers are also prescribed in this situation to keep the pain and discomfort at a lower level.


At the disappearance of pain, plantar fasciitis exercises are then prescribed by the doctor for the patient to religiously perform. These are very essential to their progress from the injury as these will prevent reoccurrence of the problem. Sports massage is also a good medical care that you can add to your treatment programs as it also relaxes and rejuvenates the body. Extracorporeal shock wave therapy can also be used as a part of your treatment programs in healing and recovering from your injury.

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Post by kasternike (2017-02-13 14:41)

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